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October 11, 2007

Monetize Your Site or Blog with Widget Bucks

Widget Bucks is a new PPC (Pay Per Click) program, it's a little similar to Adsense but a little different, their ads have various sizes and are in flash. You can choose from some categories of ads to display on your site or let a robot crawl your pages & choose ads according to the keywords.

Their ads are nice & they offer a pretty high CTR (Click Through Rate), their RPC (Rate Per Click) also seems pretty cool. More than that, they have a bonus of $25 to join and a minimum to reach to get paid of $50, so you have $25 more to make.

Payments are made the 1st of the next month if you reached the minimum in the previous, you can choose to get a check or to get paid via PayPal.

So what more to say? People are very content of them because their rates are not very different from Google's the leader in the PPC industry.

Join now as long as they are offering bonus! Good Luck, & Have Fun!

Widget Bucks

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