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June 28, 2007

Annilatan Evol I

I looked on the 1st word on title on Google & Yahoo & there's no indexation of it in any, I'm testing now m ability to fill some Google & Yahoo pages with the phrase "Annilatan Evol I" ...

June 08, 2007

Free Keword Suggestion Service For Your Videos


This is great to help you choose the best keywords for your submited videos & maybe to get some ideas of genre of videos to grab from video.google or youtube to thevideosense.

Just type a keyword & it will give you a list of related keywords & the number of queries for them in search engines, furthermore, this tool has an adult filter, so that adult keywords won't show, remember that those words are censored in TVS & adult content is forbidden (more info in this post: What You Don't Have to Do as a TVS Member)

Link to the tool? Yes, here it is:

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

Have fun!