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December 09, 2007

Get Paid to Post + Earn Prizes on GoldAge!


My favorite money making forum GoldAge has announced two days ago that the members will get paid even more now in new contests starting tomorrow Monday December 9th.

I remind you that GoldAge is one of the oldest & most reliable forums offering information related to digital currencies industry & paying the users for their threads & posts, for more information you can read my post: GoldAge - the Hotest GPT Post Forum.

The first contest has started today & starting from tomorrow one user will be rewarded each day $1.80 as the "Member of the Day", you can check this contest here: Member of the Day Contest - Daily Prize.

So don't wait anymore, join & try your chance, or let's say "prove your value"!

All the best wishes - Mumu.

October 11, 2007

Monetize Your Site or Blog with Widget Bucks

Widget Bucks is a new PPC (Pay Per Click) program, it's a little similar to Adsense but a little different, their ads have various sizes and are in flash. You can choose from some categories of ads to display on your site or let a robot crawl your pages & choose ads according to the keywords.

Their ads are nice & they offer a pretty high CTR (Click Through Rate), their RPC (Rate Per Click) also seems pretty cool. More than that, they have a bonus of $25 to join and a minimum to reach to get paid of $50, so you have $25 more to make.

Payments are made the 1st of the next month if you reached the minimum in the previous, you can choose to get a check or to get paid via PayPal.

So what more to say? People are very content of them because their rates are not very different from Google's the leader in the PPC industry.

Join now as long as they are offering bonus! Good Luck, & Have Fun!

Widget Bucks

September 08, 2007

Quality One Way Backlinks To Your Website


I got a SEO article on the importance of backlinks via a news-letter I'm subscribed to. I decided to post some of its passages I found interesting, & share wih people interested in the SEO field, hope it helps ... place to the article:

There are basically two aspects to SEO, "on page" & "off page" optimization.

"On Page" SEO is easy because it's totally under your control. It's simply a case of making sure you have optimized your web pages correctly.

OK, so there is a bit more to it than that, like keyword research, keyword density & frequency, which html tags to use, making sure your site/pages are W3 Compliant, using relative/absolute internal linking structures to feed the pagerank where it's most effective, using titles and descriptions that encourage people to clíck through from the SERP's etc.

But essentially, once you know how to do all that, it's not difficult to get it right for all your pages/sites.

It's also less important in the long run than getting sufficient links to your site/pages from other sites.

Getting links to your site is fundamental to getting visitors, and without visitors all the time, effort and money invested in getting your site up and running, and looking "nice", is irrelevant.

No Visitors = No Point!

So links are essential to the health of your site, and indeed your business, but all links are not equal in value to your site.

Reciprocal links will help, but they are far less effective than one way backlinks, i.e. links from another site where you don't have to link back to them. These "One Way" backlinks will give your site a far greater boost in the search engine results and bring you more traffíc, providing of course that you have chosen good (relevant) keywords for your links.

There are many ways of getting these powerful one way backlinks, but most you will have no control over the anchor text used (i.e. keywords) in the link, which means their "power" is unfocused and therefore of less use to you in achieving the targeted keyword results you are looking for.

For example, submitting your site to website directories can be a very effective way of picking up some high quality one way links from high PR sites, but you will seldom be able to choose the keywords/anchor text used for the link, often ending up with the site name as the link.

This is not a waste of time, as the Pagerank passed to your site will, with the correct internal linking structure, be passed on to your sites internal pages, helping them to rank better for their targeted keywords.

August 08, 2007

Promote Your Business, Have Fun & Get Paid on Squidoo

First, What's Squidoo?
Squidoo is the world's most popular site for people who want to build a page about their passions. Highlight books, blogs, vids, online shops, or just spread the word about stuff you love. Bonus: you raise money (for you or charity) at the same time! It's fast, free, and supereasy. (Pssst: it only takes 4.2 minutes to get started...)
In Squidoo you can create webpages called Lenses, you don't need any HTML skills for that & they are highly customizable, you create as many lenses as you wish & fill them with the things you like or use them for promotion; if you have a blog for example, Squidoo is a great source of traffic.

As a bonus, Squidoo shares advertisements revenue, once you reach $5 you can request payout via PayPal or you can choose to donate all or a part to charity.

If you refer someone & he earns $15, you will get $5 AND your friend $5!

Here's how to create an auto updated lens to promote your blog:

First you need to register, fill your preferences, then you can hit a button to start building your first lens, just follow steps:
  1. What's your lens about? - Be as descriptive as possible
  2. What do you want to do with your lens? Choose: "I want to get the word out about ..". (easiest option)
  3. Choose lens title & URL (be as descriptive as possible again & use relevant keywords, especially URL, because you can't change it later), choose your category & rating (all public, adult ..).
  4. Choose your keywords - Choose them carefully to make sure people find about the topic you discuss in your lens when they search Squidoo
Then click the "Done!" button.

When your lens is created it's not published, you need to customize it first:

At the start there are many modules, I will talk about some of them, but you can add any number you wish (or delete the ones you don't need):
  1. Title module: It's the first & has already the title you chose when you created the lens (but you can change it).
  2. Introduction module: As the lens is supposed to promote your blog, click on "edit" button & add a description or introduction to your blog + you can add a picture.
  3. RSS module: this module will make your lens auto-updated whenever you update your blog! (details below)
  4. Links module: You can add some links of you sites (& get traffic + backlinks) or the sites you like.
  5. Guestbook module: This one will allow visitors to leave comments.

How to setup RSS module?
  1. Click on "Edit"
  2. Add a title & if you wish subtitle & description
  3. Add your blog RSS link, for blogger, the link is http://your-blog.blogspot.com/rss.xml
  4. How many headlines would you like to show? Choose "15"
  5. Would you like to include an excerpt from each link in the feed?? Choose "Everything" or "100 characters"
  6. How frequently should the module be updated? 6 or 12 hours
  7. Would you like to display HTML in the excerpt? Yes
  8. Click on "Save"

It's recommended before you publish your lens, that you write something in the bio, you can also add a photo or avatar.

Now hit "Publish!" button, your 1st lens is live! :)

This is one of my lenses as an example: Weird Life & Crazy People

You can also join some of 100s of groups on Squidoo to get more exposure, I created a group only for Gold Age members, join it & post your lens link HERE & I will approve it, the first 5 lenses & lensmasters who post the links in the thread HERE, will be featured lenses & lensmasters of the group (their links show in group page).

Hurry up, make your 1st lens, join Gold Age & join the group here: GoldAge Forums Lovers

Join me on Squidoo :)

Payout proofs below:


Thanks! :)

July 20, 2007

SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs Holders


I've made an article on WordPress SEO (Search Engines Optimization) plugins & added some tips & useful links for new bloggers, please take a look if you're interested & tell me what you think:

SEO (Search Engines Optimization) Plugins & Tips for WordPress Bloggers

June 28, 2007

Annilatan Evol I

I looked on the 1st word on title on Google & Yahoo & there's no indexation of it in any, I'm testing now m ability to fill some Google & Yahoo pages with the phrase "Annilatan Evol I" ...

June 08, 2007

Free Keword Suggestion Service For Your Videos


This is great to help you choose the best keywords for your submited videos & maybe to get some ideas of genre of videos to grab from video.google or youtube to thevideosense.

Just type a keyword & it will give you a list of related keywords & the number of queries for them in search engines, furthermore, this tool has an adult filter, so that adult keywords won't show, remember that those words are censored in TVS & adult content is forbidden (more info in this post: What You Don't Have to Do as a TVS Member)

Link to the tool? Yes, here it is:

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

Have fun!