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April 26, 2007

Gold Age - The Hotest Paid to Post Forum

Hi! :)

Off Topic today from TVS, because I got a nice payout few hours ago from the greatest forum ever: Gold Age Forum, I'm talking honestly, Gold Age is the site I'm most in when I'm on & from which I earn most, not only from the $0.02 for opening a thread & $0.04 for my replies but mainly from all the information I gather from its different sections, some times free money opportunities I never imagined the existance ...

Well, seems people need payouts proofs before they make a step to join some program (& they're right I also look for proofs ;)), so bellow's my proof: $40 to Liberty Reserve:
Click on it to Enlarge

April 19, 2007

Free Links to Your Sites From a "PR 38" Site!!


New & great again from TVS! Imagine a link from a PR 38 Site?

It's what you're going to get for all your TVS videos, blogs & sites, it's not exactly one site with PR 38 but PR of 38 distributed between the +16 domains the Digg site scripts are on.

TVS created a complete Social bookmarking website and Posting Solution. In the time I'm writing this there are 16 websites in the Social Bookmarking network, these have a PR of 5 down to 0

This network will grow over time. You also have the ability to add your own website if it passes selection criteria. This site will have your own Adsense code on it.

How does this work?

You simply download the zip file, unzip it, read the instructions, register to the Digg
Social Bookmarking websites, then save this info, enter your URL
The Software will crawl this URL, then press Submit, your URLs will be posted across the entire network of Digg Social Bookmarking websites.

You will end up with many incoming links from different IP's and C Class blocks to the interior pages of your domain. You can even select the category that is related to your domain for more relevant incoming links. (will be implemented soon, most likely by the time you read this).

The best is that the price of this Digg Social Bookmarking Network is $0.00!!

Existing members will be allowed to help grow this network by supplying TVS with their
own domains & at the same time increasing their Adsense revenue.
Donations are accepted for the ongoing improvement of this product over time, so
feel free to click on the Paypal Donation button below if you think this system provides
benefit to your online business.

Download the zip file from here:

Go here if you wish to make a donation:

April 12, 2007

!Delicioso! Social Bookmarking Power Submitter


Again another way to get more exposure to your videos!

Delicioso is a freeware program for submitting URLs to these popular social bookmarking sites:

tagtooga.com, del.icio.us, furl.net, blogmarks.net, shadows.com, spurl.net, simpy.com, and netvouz.com.

About Delicioso: This software is GREAT to get more links to your members section of thevideosense and your previously made free websites containing links to your videos.

The software works like this: There are what's called Social Bookmarking websites. These websites are designed for users to have the ability to have online bookmarking websites, these websites allow users to bookmark websites of the users choice for later retrieval , additionally these bookmarked websites are shared within this websites community. Adding your links to these websites benefits you in many ways, primarily posting links to these websites to your videos and related websites, and additionally getting views from these communities, thus exposing these communities to your videos and advertising. with the possibility of gaining more members below you, of which your advertising is displayed 10% of the time as well ..

To use this software you need to register with 8 Social bookmarking websites FREE.

Then you use this software to automatically crawl your websites to gather the links , then it automatically posts these links to these 8 social bookmarking websites. This is a very powerful method of helping your video links to rank well in the search engines plus will provide you extra surfers viewing your videos.

Oh! Almost forgot LoL!! Download the software from here:


Read also my previous post about instant social bookmarking for more info & some tips:

TVS Added Instant Social Bookmarking to Your Videos

Original info HERE

April 05, 2007

A Lot of Places To Submit Your Videos & Blogs RSS Feeds - Part 02

The second part of Pete's RSS feeds submission list, submit your videos, blog, sites feeds to as many of these as you can, more are coming ... have fun! :)

PubSub - PubSub reads more than 2 million syndicated feeds, matches messages to subscriptions and delivers messages to subscribers in real time.
BulkFeeds - submit an rss feed
Ping-O-Matic - rss feed submissions (pings site)
Yenra - submit RSS news feed
easyRSS - gives you a direct access to the content you are interested in.
NewsXS - submit rss feeds
FeedFarm - all submitted feeds are reviewed
FastBuzz - submit feeds
RSSFeeds - submit rss feeds
Search4RSS - submit RSS feeds
DeskFeeds - rss feed and blog submissions
Terrar - rss feed submissions
The Feed Spot - submit feeds

StepNewz - submit rss news feeds
RSS Verzeichnis - German feed submissions
4Guys from Rolla - submit feeds
DevASP - add feed listing
FuzzySoftware - submit XML listings
ASP Index - submit RSS feeds
SourceForge - submit news feeds
Feed Directory - submit RSS feeds in the feed directory.
FeedBeagle - submit feeds (scroll down)
FeedPlex - submit feeds
Feeds4All - submit RSS feeds
NewsFeedFinder - submit RSS feeds
Plazoo - submit RSS feeds
Newzfire - submit RSS feeds
Feed24 - RSS feed submissions
Shas3 - Submit RSS feeds select appropriate category
RSS Feeds Directory - Submit RSS feeds select appropriate category
FeedCat - Submit RSS feeds select appropriate category
FeedMiner - Submit RSS feeds select appropriate category
RSS Clipping - add RSS urls
Read A Feed - add RSS urls
Loomia - add RSS feeds
Feeds2Read - add your RSS feeds
Feedzie - add your RSS feeds
RSS Portal - add your RSS feeds
RSS Feed 4U - add your RSS feeds
StepNewz - suggest RSS feeds
StepNewz - suggest RSS feeds
Thomas Korte - automated feed submissions
JordoMedia - suggest RSS feeds
RSS Mad - add an RSS feed (on bottom right side)