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March 31, 2007

A Lot of Places To Submit Your Videos & Blogs RSS Feeds - Part 01

Help your TVS videos & your blogs to have more exposure & rank well in Google, here's a wonderful list compiled by Pete TVS admin; more are coming, enjoy! ;)

RSS Network - submit RSS feeds & select category
RSS Locator - submit RSS feeds
Syndic8 - submit RSS feeds
DayPop - post your RSS feed or blog
Feedster - submit your RSS feed
Rocket News - post your RSS feed
Technorati - submit your RSS feed to be pinged
Userland - submit rss feeds
Postami - submit rss feeds
Finance Investing Feeds - Only submit finance or investment related feeds.
Security Protection Feeds - Submit only security or protection related feeds RSS feeds select appropriate category.
Realty Feeds - Submit only home related RSS feeds. Be sure to select the appropriate category.
Medical Feeds - Submit feeds related to medical care or health.
Religious Podcasts - Submit only podcasts that relate to religion, sermon or spiritual beliefs.
Sports Feeds - Submit sports related RSS feeds and podcasts.
Political Feeds - Submit political feeds and podcasts.
Government Feeds - Submit feeds ONLY from government agencies. Feeds from both Local and federal governments are accepted.
Educational Feeds - Submit feeds and podcasts related to education.
2RSS - submit rss and assign category (on bottom)
NewsMob - submit rss news feeds
RocketInfo - submit your rss content and feed
Edu RSS - harvests only feeds dealing with educational technology and related issues. All feeds are reviewed before being added to the list.
Sourceforge.net- submit News using XML
Complete RSS - enter the url(s) of the feeds you wish to add to the directory.
Feeds.com.br - add rss feeds
MoreOver - Moreover connects to thousands of online sources handpicked for excellence and trustworthiness. In order to maintain the quality of the directory all submission are evaluated prior to inclusion.
GeneCast - RSS news feed submissions
Memigo - submit a news link to memigo
PubSub - PubSub reads more than 2 million syndicated feeds, matches messages to subscriptions and delivers messages to subscribers in real time.

March 19, 2007

TVS Added Instant Social Bookmarking to Your Videos

Hi Again! This is another great feature from TVS to help you promote your videos:

When you log into your members account, see the links up the top of the page.

Look for the Submit Social Bookmarking link

Click on this link

On this page you will see 18 Social bookmarking websites

each name is hyper linked on the left

Start at number 1 blinklist

click on this link and go and register an account there.

then add the username and password in the fields provided.

then check the box beside it.

(You'll be surprised as soon as you submit a video it will be viewed at once)

TIP: use the same username for all accounts you create, so its simple to remember e.g your TVS username for example. to make sure its the same every time. put some numbers on the end of it. so you'll be pretty sure this username has not been used before.. e.g username231,so you can safely assume this would not be taken before and thus you can use it for every of the 18 accounts.. also use the same password for every account created.

Its a good idea to do all of them at once to get them out of the way.

this takes about 30 mins to create all of them

Check: your email and open all emails from the social bookmarking websites, to see if they have a confirmation link to click on .. some do some don't.

That's how it works

Now on to why and the benefits.


Now this feature was added to TVS , by submitting great videos to these social bookmarking website you will notice a big increase in traffic to your videos :)

This traffic is purely from the social bookmarking websites and not from search engines, though

You will get a huge increase in backlinks to your videos , which will help your videos rank high in the search engines to futher increase the traffic to your videos.

This is a HUGE benefit to all members

Note: there are other websites on the web charging around $50 per month for a service very similar to this :)

feel free to ask any questions.

This is the list of the social bookmarking websites:

http://blinklist.com (when you have created this account, edit options, and make all links public)

Good Luck! Didn't join yet? Join TVS from HERE

PS: Info above was edited, original taken from TVS Community Forum, LINK

March 11, 2007

How to Rgister with Google Adsense ..

Because of some bugs, the tutorial was removed, you can check it though on my site:


Sorry for inconvenience.

March 05, 2007

How Do You Get Your Videos to Rank Well in Video.Google

Hi! :)

Once you have these videos uploaded to VG. (following instructions in my pevious post HERE) how to get them ranking high, so you get the benefits of the links I've added?

First.. the simple ways using some of TVS admin sites.

(a) To comment on this blog below and get links to your videos you must first have a free account at www.blogger.com do this now. takes 2 mins, make the username and password something easy to remember.

go to http://marcdoni.blogspot.com/ and add a comment to any post on this blog, this is a PR 5 blog which means google has ranked this blog highly. So that means your videos will get indexed in the search engines , plus this helps get your videos ranking highly in the video.google.com results.

Click on the comments link

add this , though change the video url with your own and the text with your own

How to Park your Motor Bike

do the same on these below aswell.. the Higher the PR the better.

try to spread your comments around to the posts with least comments on them etc..

http://invisibleavatar.blogspot.com/ pr 5

http://documenteuse.blogspot.com/ PR 4

http://cardiff-vineyard.blogspot.com/ PR 4

http://salacity.blogspot.com/ pr 5

http://twomorrowsinc.blogspot.com/ PR 4

http://tincanwireless.blogspot.com/ PR 4

http://v7ndotcom-elursrebmem.lastpersonwins.com/ PR 4

You can add your own link to your own blogger blogs to each of these above.

I edited the info here but you can see the original on TVS community forum HERE

To support me please Join TVS from my link:

Watch more UpDates, Thank You! :)